Impact on Customers

Nepal has the potential to benefit from strong growth in global travel mostly driven by neighboring China and India, but also from rapid growth of Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific. Currently traditional transportation market holds. The cab service stand alone hold NRS 17 Billion of transaction every year in Kathmandu only, which come with the calculation of 10000 cabs earn 5000(double shift) every day in average.

Despite of having this big market, Nepali customers are suffering big time with over pricing, accessibility issue and no power of choice.  The current market situation is :

Cabs not available 60%
Have to bargain with driver 70%
Driver says I am not going to that place 85%
Payment via cash only 100%
Not Safe 40%
Not loyality and quality service 100%

Sarathi ensures its customers are feeling good about the ride and has been able to deliver :

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